Rethinking what “success” in litigation campaigns means

An illustration by Sonaksha where Black and brown people are together holding hands. There are elements around them that represent justice such as a scale, pieces of paper and a feather pen, there is also a butterfly and a magnifying glass over a set of books.

The previous post in this series looked at the principles underpinning our approach to community-driven litigation, and the building blocks for the process we’re developing to ensure communities are leading in the litigation work that concerns them.  We cannot yet say what the cases will look like –– that is the point, as the casework […]

What makes litigation strategic?

Systemic Justice works with a new model of community-driven litigation, but before we start talking about hacking the existing model, let’s first pause and briefly outline what “strategic litigation” is. What exactly makes a court case strategic? And why is that important?   This is the first in a series of blog posts sharing our […]