Community consultation

Systemic Justice’s central premise is that communities should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to using litigation as a tool in their campaigns for justice. They need to set the objectives, articulate the remedies, and frame the narrative, with litigators supporting the cause by doing the legal legwork that comes with it.  

We also centre communities in determining what we’ll work on as an organisation: we want to take our cue from those at community level on racial, social, and economic justice and contribute where the most pressing need is felt.  

To understand what the priorities are from a community perspective, we are conducting a European-wide mapping of priorities in racial, social, and economic justice. This consultation consists of:  

The initial input collection phase will conclude in early July 2022, after which we’ll run sounding board sessions with key membership and umbrella organisations In Europe to share first findings and get their feedback. In August, we will present the full analysis to participants from the roundtables, after which the analysis will be finalised. 

This process of identifying opportunities and priorities is not only to allow Systemic Justice to set its compass to where we can be most useful: we will share the analysis and findings for everyone to use. In September 2022, we will publish our findings under an open license, accompanied by infographics and other supporting materials. We hope these will be useful for campaigners and for directing more resources towards the work that needs it the most. 

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