European roundtables, April-July 2022: exploring priorities for community-driven litigation

To make sure our work meets the needs of activists and movements, Systemic Justice conducted a Europe-wide consultation in 2022 to identify priorities for developing litigation projects.

Six thematic roundtables

During April-July 2022, Systemic Justice held a series of roundtables, convening a total of approximately 100 organisations, movements, and collectives. The roundtables covered six themes: climate justice; anti-racism; social protection; policing; access to justice; and free movement.

Each theme was approached through an intersectional lens, centring how a person’s social or political identity and personal characteristics can combine to create different modes of discrimination, exclusion, and oppression. We considered issues across both digital and non-digital spaces.

The roundtables focused on grassroots movements and those directly working with communities, and was complemented by input received through a needs assessment survey, conversations with key stakeholders, and desk research. The community consultation process spanned 33 countries, 6 languages, and invited participants to share their experiences across the six themes.

The outcome of the consultation was published in the fall of 2022 in the report “Surfacing Systemic (In)justices: A Community View”.

Starting from the priorities and opportunities identified in the consultation, Systemic Justice is developing its first litigation projects in 2023.

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