Systemic Justice has a small core team working to develop the organisation. We also work with a number of collaborators to help carry out our initial activities.

If you’re interested, please have a look at how you might be able to join us.

Nani Jansen Reventlow, Founder

Photo: Soho House / Thomas Chéné

Nani Jansen Reventlow


Nani Jansen Reventlow is the Founder of Systemic Justice. Nani is an award-winning human rights lawyer specialised in strategic litigation at the intersection of human rights, social justice, and technology. She has more than 15 years of experience as a litigator.

Prior to setting up Systemic Justice, Nani founded and built the Digital Freedom Fund, an organisation that advances digital rights through strategic litigation in Europe.

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Dr Patrick Williams

Head of Research

Dr Patrick Williams is Systemic Justice’s Head of Research. Patrick oversees our research on priorities for strategic litigation on racial, social, and economic justice in Europe as well research related to our litigation projects.

Jonathan McCully

Head of Legal

Jonathan McCully is Systemic Justice’s Head of Legal and oversees our legal projects and litigation work. He has nearly a decade of experience working on human rights litigation, as well as designing and facilitating the production of resources for building knowledge around strategic litigation.

Adolphine Umukobwa

Co-head of Operations

Adolphine Umukobwa is Co-head of Operations alongside Andreas (below). Adolphine has a demonstrated history of working in non-profit operations and administration. She is a passionate infrastructure builder who enjoys creating, streamlining, and simplifying processes and believes that an inclusive office culture and healthy organisational dynamics lead to operational success. She has worked for organisations like The Africa Center, Resolve to Save Lives, and Open Society Foundations.

Andreas Reventlow

Co-head of Operations

Andreas Reventlow is Co-head of Operations alongside Adolphine (above). He has worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade in a variety of programmatic and operational functions. Andreas and Adolphine jointly oversee all aspects of our operations, including finance, administration, human resources, and IT, and they support organisational development, fundraising, and governance work as well. Sambal, Systemic Justice’s mascot, is also pictured.

Christy Carter (on leave)

Strategic Partnerships Lead

Christy Carter is Systemic Justice’s Strategic Partnerships Lead. Christy is a Senior Global Philanthropy Consultant and Coach with more than 15 years of experience in mobilising private capital for positive social and environmental change across the world. She has worked with organizations like Greenpeace International, the Global Futures Laboratory, and US political campaigns.

Mariam Camilla Rechchad

Legal Projects Coordinator

Mariam Camilla Rechchad is Systemic Justice’s Legal Projects Coordinator. Mariam comes from a multidisciplinary background researching, monitoring and advocating around issues of equality and access to justice. She has several years of experience supporting communities and legal practitioners in designing, implementing, and coordinating legal projects on racial, social, and economic justice.

Ali Awada

Finance Coordinator

Ali Awada is the Finance Coordinator at Systemic Justice. Ali has a history of working with different nonprofit organisations. He has worked for organisations that deal with LGBTQ+ rights, gender, and refugee rights in the Middle East within finance and operations.

Bruna Cataldi de Assis Ferreira

Communications Assistant

Bruna is an experienced writer and content producer. She has worked in advertising agencies, film studios, private companies and NGOs in Brazil and Europe. Bruna develops engaging narratives that promote a more equal and hopeful world, inspiring collective action and nurturing a sense of togetherness. 

Diana Arce

Community Adviser

Diana Arce is an activist, artist, and researcher, centring intersectional anti-racist practices in her work. She teaches, lectures, writes and leads workshops worldwide and creates campaigns, participatory and community engaged art. She is cohost of the monthly airing, global antifascist radio show, Like It Is

Sidra Zabit-Foster


Sidra Zabit-Foster is an experienced project coordinator with a background in grassroots organisations that hold feminist, abolitionist and anti-border solidarity at their core. She is a law graduate and holds a Master’s degree from SOAS in Gender Studies and Law.


Uma Mishra-Newbery

Uma Mishra-Newbery


Uma Mishra-Newbery is a global social justice and women’s rights leader, transformative speaker, children’s book author, and former Executive Director of Women’s March Global, the initiator and facilitator for the Racial Equity Index, and an organisational strategy and racial equity consultant with The Better Org.

Sarah Chander

Sarah Chander


Sarah Chander works in advocacy and coalition building in the areas of racial and social justice and digital rights. She is is Co-founder of the Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice and Senior Policy Adviser on AI and anti-discrimination at European Digital Rights (EDRi). She has a background in various social justice movements in the UK and Europe.

Mpanzu Bamenga

Mpanzu Bamenga

Board member

Mpanzu Bamenga is a coordinator and co-founder of Incleaders, the Inclusion Leaders Network, and coordinator of the Supervisory Group for Undocumented Migrants in Amsterdam. A lawyer, diplomat, activist, and public representative, Mpanzu promotes human rights, diversity, inclusion, and opportunities for refugees and migrants.

Belinda Dewnarain (Treasurer) also sits on the Board, as does Systemic Justice’s Founder, Nani Jansen Reventlow. Fatou Tevette is a former Board member.


Abir Ghattas

Abir Ghattas is the Director of Information Security at Human Rights Watch. She is an information security expert and human rights activist, and is one of the co-initiators of the feminist participatory radio HammamRadio. Abir advises Systemic Justice on developing and managing our information security.

Fabiola Mizero

Fabiola Mizero is an organisational development and anti-oppression consultant. Fabiola supports Systemic Justice in setting up its governance structures and organisational practices that will support creating a healthy and inclusive workplace.

Systemic Justice also works with Aniesha Obuobie, Rana Kuseyri, João Felipe Fernandes, Idil Aydinoglu, Remicard Sereme, and Karla Morales, who provide support as student researchers.

Former team members and collaborators

Dunya Kamal

Dunya Kamal was Systemic Justice’s Head of Communications in 2022.

Adi Kuntsman

Dr Adi Kuntsman worked with a team of researchers to support Systemic Justice’s community consultation in 2022.

Emeka Nwankwo

Emeka Nwankwo worked with a team of researchers to support Systemic Justice’s community consultation in 2022.

Danella Campbell

Danella Campbell worked with a team of researchers to support Systemic Justice’s community consultation in 2022.

Sonaksha Iyengar
Sonaksha supported System Justice by doing graphic recording for our 2022 European roundtables.
Kennedy Walker

Kennedy Walker supported System Justice by leading the design and facilitation of our 2022 roundtables.

Zahra Dalilah

Zahra Dalilah worked with Kennedy Walker (above) on our 2022 roundtables.

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