Climate justice roundtable

The climate crisis affects us all, but racialised and marginalised communities feel its effects the most. The struggle for climate justice and for racial, social, and economic justice are interconnected. For example, marginalised communities are overly exposed to and often placed in polluted or toxic environments. This means they often experience illnesses that could have been avoided, and increased health costs as a direct consequence.

We believe that increased recognition of how climate change reinforces existing forms of oppression and finding solutions that centre affected communities is crucial. This work will complement existing efforts fighting for state adherence to emission targets and holding multinationals accountable for the damage they are doing to the planet.

Europe-wide consultation

To make sure our work meets the needs of activists and movements, we are conducting a Europe-wide consultation in the first half of 2022 to identify priorities for developing litigation projects.

We explored priorities for climate justice in Europe on 21-22 April, with 12 participants from grassroots movements and those directly working with communities. You can read about the gathering and the opportunities for action identified on our blog.

We approach all themes through an intersectional lens, centring how a person’s social or political identity and personal characteristics can combine to create different modes of discrimination, exclusion, and oppression. We will consider issues across both digital and non-digital space.

Building community-driven litigation

The input from the roundtables will be combined with input received through a survey we conducted between October 2021-May 2022, individual conversations, and desk research. We will publish the combined findings and share these back with communities in the fall of 2022.

We will develop our first litigation projects, starting from the priorities and opportunities identified in the consultation in late 2022.