“We are all fighters.” Envisioning the end to “fortress Europe”  

“We’re trying to create a change in society’s perception of immigration. It’s not just a necessity. Detention centres should no longer be an option.”  Freedom of movement underpins the full and free realisation of a person and their rights. It can be vital for safety and security, family life, or someone’s identity. Yet, the right […]

Gaslighting and paper tigers: why Europe needs to take anti-racism seriously

This image shows a individual people speaking up, drawing posters to resist, and carrying scales as a symbol of justice. The illustration is part of a graphic record that is intended to highlight the conversations and themes that came from our Anti-racism Roundtable.

“Solidarity has been precluded – so we need to build it” In Europe, being racialised is a part of everyday life for everyone. Racialisation, as a social construct, can take place on the grounds of ethnicity, skin colour, religion, and a myriad of other factors. For many this results in marginalisation, stereotyping, exploitation, exclusion, invisibilisation, […]

Addressing systemic injustices across the digital and non-digital context

Red heart made out of binary digits. Photo: Alexander Sinn

At Systemic Justice, we are working to support the fight for systemic change on racial, social, and economic justice. In all issues we take on, we are taking an intersectional approach and address challenges across the digital and non-digital context.   Even though the understanding that the negative impacts of technology disproportionately affect marginalised people is […]

Patching, repairing, and tightening the mesh on society’s safety net: nobody left without

Social protection roundtable

“Our battle is much more than pain and suffering. Strategic fights can make change happen that sometimes even the legal system doesn’t foresee.”  When utilised properly, social protection frameworks can help protect people against poverty and exclusion, and help shield individuals in times of crisis. It can help improve health and education, facilitate access to […]

“A treasure trove of injustices” – communities share experiences of police harms

Policing roundtable illustration

“Marginalised groups have to be the main protagonist. It’s a huge contradiction that mono-cultural groups have control… We are done with white saviours ­­–– we need allies, we have the tools to really empower ourselves.” “Who protects us from the police?” The Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice asked this question in its report with the same […]