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Systemic Justice team

The concept of guardianship underlines the importance of building an organisational culture that enables pursuing the mission, allowing individuals to step in and out of that guardian role along the way. 

Movement lawyering in dialogue with community-driven litigation

A illustration of people with different physical characteristics being united by wearing a purple scarf

A variety of terms frequently pop up in discussions around using the courts to bring about social change. In this piece, we are exploring one such term that frequently comes up in the context of our work: “movement lawyering”, a term that has grown in popularity over recent years and has started to gain greater traction in Europe, including by institutions engaged in or supporting litigation work. But what does it mean?  

Rethinking what “success” in litigation campaigns means

An illustration by Sonaksha where Black and brown people are together holding hands. There are elements around them that represent justice such as a scale, pieces of paper and a feather pen, there is also a butterfly and a magnifying glass over a set of books.

The previous post in this series looked at the principles underpinning our approach to community-driven litigation, and the building blocks for the process we’re developing to ensure communities are leading in the litigation work that concerns them.  We cannot yet say what the cases will look like –– that is the point, as the casework […]