Community visions for liberation: strategy, creativity, and joy

Last week, we held our very first in person community event “Community visions for liberation: towards racial, social, and economic justice in Europe”, and it was a truly inspiring and energising experience. The first evening brought together 80 people in the Miriam Makeba Hall at the Berlin Global Village, with people from across Europe joining […]

Case study: building our organisational culture 

“To do things differently, we also have to be a different kind of organisation. How can we build an organisation that lives its values of anti-oppression, justice, and intersectionality not only in how it approaches working with the communities it seeks to serve, but also in the way it works internally, in its systems, processes, […]

Imagining change for the world and ourselves

“If you could change the way one system currently works, what would it be and why?” This question, put to us at our recent team retreat by Lea Jovy-Ford from Mission Equality, asked us to imagine what the systems we live and work in would look like if they had not been built by colonialism […]

Centring people, joy, and growth in how we work

Systemic Justice team

The concept of guardianship underlines the importance of building an organisational culture that enables pursuing the mission, allowing individuals to step in and out of that guardian role along the way.