Surfacing Systemic Injustices: “Nothing about us, without us.”

A group of Black and Brown people are protesting, one wearing a hijab, one in a wheelchair and one with a megaphone in hand.

Our approach to research and knowledge aspires always to bear witness, by being there embracing our ‘social connectedness, developing a sense of fellow membership, of community, solidarity and belonging together’ with those who experience systemic injustice.

Gaslighting and paper tigers: why Europe needs to take anti-racism seriously

This image shows a individual people speaking up, drawing posters to resist, and carrying scales as a symbol of justice. The illustration is part of a graphic record that is intended to highlight the conversations and themes that came from our Anti-racism Roundtable.

“Solidarity has been precluded – so we need to build it” In Europe, being racialised is a part of everyday life for everyone. Racialisation, as a social construct, can take place on the grounds of ethnicity, skin colour, religion, and a myriad of other factors. For many this results in marginalisation, stereotyping, exploitation, exclusion, invisibilisation, […]