Research: a necessary component of strategic litigation against systemic injustice

A screenshot of a video call with several participants

Before we can fix systemic injustices, we need to understand them. One of the key elements of our community-driven approach to strategic litigation that challenges climate, racial, social, and economic injustices is undertaking research to reveal how these injustices are experienced by marginalised communities across Europe. By design, our research methodologies recognise the interconnected harms of climate injustice, lack of access to justice, policing, racism, social unprotection and lack of freedom of movement. 

Surfacing Systemic Injustices: “Nothing about us, without us.”

A group of Black and Brown people are protesting, one wearing a hijab, one in a wheelchair and one with a megaphone in hand.

Our approach to research and knowledge aspires always to bear witness, by being there embracing our ‘social connectedness, developing a sense of fellow membership, of community, solidarity and belonging together’ with those who experience systemic injustice.