Recruitment FAQ

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from applicants and answered them below.

Do I have to be based in Europe to apply? Yes. Although Systemic Justice works remotely, we do need our team to be based in Europe, and within +/- 2 hours of the CET/CEST time zone.

Will you only accept candidates from the EU? No. We work in the Council of Europe area and welcome applicants based anywhere within the region.

You say you work in Europe: what does that mean? We work in the Council of Europe area and welcome applicants based anywhere within the region.

Do I need to have work permission for working in Europe? Yes. You will need to be able to work in Europe to be selected for any of our roles.

Can Systemic Justice assist me with a work permit? No. Unfortunately, due to limited capacity we are unable to assist in acquiring work permits.

Do I have to be based in a specific location in Europe? No. Although Systemic Justice is a Dutch-registered organisation, we do not require our team to be based in the Netherlands or any other specific locality within Europe.

I have questions about the role, can I have a conversation with you before applying? No. To ensure a fair and transparent recruitment proceess, all applicants are provided with the same information. We organise open information calls for all our roles where you can ask all questions you might have.

I require special support due to my accessibility needs, can you help me? Systemic Justice recognises that online application processes can pose barriers to people who have certain accessibility needs. If you have accessibility needs in relation to applying for a role, please get in touch with us directly on and let us know how we can best support you.

Are the information calls recorded? To create a confidential space to freely – and, if preferred, anonymously – ask questions, we do not record the information calls.

How private are the information calls? Our information calls are conducted as webinars to ensure that only we can see who is in the virtual room. You can choose to identify with your name or stay anonymous on the call – either way, other participants will not be able to see you are there.

The ad mentions you have a four-day work week. Which days of the week do you work? The Systemic Justice team works Monday-Thursday.

How often would I get to see the team in person? The entire Systemic Justice team gets together for three in-person retreats every year. Team members also get together bilaterally and in smaller groups throughout the year.

Can you tell me if I’m a good fit for the role I want to apply for? We are not able to advise on whether you would be a good fit for a specific role before you apply. We encourage you to look at the ad and assess yourself against the set of skills listed.

Will you be advertising any other roles soon? We are a growing organisation and will be recruiting for other roles on a regular basis. We advertise all our roles and encourage you to check our list of vacant positions regularly.

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