Former team members and collaborators

Noor Anwar

Noor Anwar was Systemic Justice’s Communications Coordinator.

Yanick Monk

Yanick Monk was Systemic Justice’s Community Organiser.




Leni Candan

Ipek Leni Candan was Systemic Justice’s Head of Communications.

Bruna Cataldi de Assis Ferreira

Bruna Cataldi was Systemic Justice’s Communications Assistant from January to September 2023.

Christy Carter was Systemic Justice’s Strategic Partnerships Lead.

Fabiola Mizero

Fabiola Mizero supported Systemic Justice in setting up its governance structures and organisational practices for a healthy and inclusive workplace.

Abir Ghattas

Abir Ghattas was Systemic Justice’s advisor on developing and managing our information security until July 2023.

Adolphine Umukobwa supported Systemic Justice’s organisational development and people and culture work from September 2022 to May 2023.

Sidra Zabit-Foster

Sidra Zabit-Foster was the Coordinator of Systemic Justice’s roundtables in 2022. 

Dunya Kamal

Dunya Kamal was Systemic Justice’s Head of Communications in 2022.

Danella Campbell

Danella Campbell worked with a team of researchers to support Systemic Justice’s community consultation in 2022.

Sonaksha Iyengar
Sonaksha supported System Justice by doing graphic recording for our 2022 European roundtables.
Kennedy Walker

Kennedy Walker supported System Justice by leading the design and facilitation of our 2022 roundtables.

Zahra Dalilah

Zahra Dalilah worked with Kennedy Walker (above) on our 2022 roundtables.

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