Community visions for liberation

Join us on 24 June for the launch celebration of Systemic Justice’s “Revisiting Systemic (In)justices: Community reflections”, an in-depth look at the experiences and priorities of community activists working on racial, social, and economic justice issues across Europe.  

For our celebration in Berlin (and online for those can’t make it in person!), we are joined by fabulous artists and community activists who will speak to their work and their visions for collective liberation. 

On 25 June, we are convening community activists from across Europe for a full day of workshops, knowledge sharing, creativity and joint strategising for change. 

Community visions for liberation is organised back-to-back with Colour of Surveillance organised by Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice.

Our fabulous panel of community activists are joined by musicians, poets and spoken word artists including Raymond Antrobus, Love Ssega, Femdelic, Ayomide Sotubo, and Deodato Siquir. 


Lamies Nassri

Lamies Nassri is the Project Manager at the Centre for Muslims’ Rights in Denmark (CEDA), a Danish NGO that seeks to raise awareness and address Islamophobia in Denmark. Nassri has worked in the field of anti-racism for several years, focusing on Islamophobia in Denmark.

Rose Wanjyko

Rose Wanjiku is a climate and social justice activist based in Berlin. She is part of several climate justice collectives that seek to create awareness on the effects of climate change, including International Women* Space where she works to address issues affecting refugee and migrant women*.

Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams is Head of Research at Systemic Justice where he oversees our research on priorities for strategic litigation on racial, social, and economic justice in Europe. Patrick is the lead researcher on “Revisiting Systemic (In)justices: Community reflections”.

Live performances

Dates, location and live streaming 

24 June 2024, 18.00-21.00 CEST (doors open 17.30) 
Launch celebration of “Revisiting Systemic (In)justices: Community reflections”. Click here to register for the livestream. Would you like to join in person? Write to Eva on for a registration link. 

25 June 2024, 09.00-18.00 CEST
Community event for invited community activists: workshops, knowledge sharing, creativity and joint strategising for change. This part of the event is invitation-only. If you feel you should have been invited, get in touch with us here. 

Location: Berlin Global Village, Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Online streaming: Tune in for our launch celebration on 24 June at 18.00 CEST. Register here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: We have limited space available, but would love to see if we can invite you! Write to Eva on for a registration link. 

A: The 25 June community event is an invite-only event. If you feel you should have been invited, get in touch with us by writing to Eva on  

A: For participating in our event at Berlin Global Village, we would recommend one of the nearby-hotels, for example Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof. Please note that we do not have a special rate that we can offer you and that due to UEFA 2024, hotel prices in Berlin during June and July are higher than normal.  

A: Systemic Justices does not reimburse transportation costs, but we can provide per diems to participants who join our 25 June community event. If you would like to claim per diems, please get in touch with Eva on no later than 17 June 2024. 

European Championship 2024
If you are joining Community visions for liberation in person, please be aware that Berlin is one of the hosts of the 2024 UEFA European Championship during June and July 2024. Given the increase in visitors to Berlin during this period, please do factor in longer transportation periods in getting into and around Berlin. 

Photography and social media at our event
Please note that we will have a photographer present during our launch celebration on 24 June. If you wish to opt out of being in photos or video, you can let our photographer know on the day and he will make sure you are not photographed.

Safety and security at our event 
To ensure the safety and security of everyone at our event, we will be checking everyone in when they arrive at our event. Only those registered to participate will be allowed in.

Conduct at our events 
This event is subject to Systemic Justice’s Safeguarding Policy. If you are joining the event, please familiarise yourself with this document ahead of time. 

Questions about the event? Get in touch with Eva Ehoke on General questions about Systemic Justice’s work? Get in touch with us on