Building Black, indigenous, and people of colour-led (BIPOC) power for climate justice

We are launching a coalition of Black, indigenous, and people of colour-led (BIPOC) organisations and youth initiatives to build a shared vision of true climate justice. We work to help ensure that Europe’s response to the climate crisis addresses its intersectional harms, and centres the ones experiencing its impacts.

This project will consist of three areas of work: organising a BIPOC Climate Justice Summit, forming a BIPOC Climate Justice Coalition, and releasing a BIPOC Climate Justice podcast and speaker series.

  1. BIPOC Climate Justice Summit: We will bring BIPOC leaders in Europe’s climate justice space together for an annual summit to build a positive vision for climate work that responds to the intersecting and disproportionate harms BIPOC communities face as a result of the climate crisis. We will support the networking and build the capacity of the next generation of BIPOC leaders, including BIPOC young individuals who are frontrunners in the climate space.
  2. BIPOC Climate Justice Coalition: We will establish a coalition of BIPOC-led climate justice organisations, movements and collectives, as well as youth initiatives that can provide mutual support, problem-solving, co-learning and knowledge sharing to strengthen and uplift their work on climate justice.
  3. BIPOC Climate Justice speaker series and podcast: We will produce a podcast and speaker series to uplift and promote the work of BIPOC-led organisations and youth initiatives in the climate justice space.

Through our climate justice work, we aim to secure justice, reparations and accountability, ensuring meaningful structural changes in the lives of BIPOC communities disproportionately affected by the climate crisis.

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