New governance for a maturing organisation 

We are thrilled to welcome Gracie Bradley, Stephanie Brobbey, and Cristina Guerrero Paez as the inaugural members of Systemic Justice’s Supervisory Board. Not only are we excited about the subject-matter expertise and knowledge on governance, organisational development, and finance they bring, our new Supervisory Board also constitutes an important milestone in our development from a startup […]

Emergent findings from “Revisiting Systemic (In)justices: Community reflections”  

We are excited to be launching “Revisiting Systemic (In)justices: Community reflections”, a report that is the product of rich conversations with people who are working with few resources to build a better world for all.   The report’s findings are critical to understanding systemic injustices in Europe, and to strengthening campaigning, advocacy, and legal strategies to […]

Community visions for liberation: strategy, creativity, and joy

Last week, we held our very first in person community event “Community visions for liberation: towards racial, social, and economic justice in Europe”, and it was a truly inspiring and energising experience. The first evening brought together 80 people in the Miriam Makeba Hall at the Berlin Global Village, with people from across Europe joining […]

The long road to litigation  

“Revolution is not a one-time event. It is becoming always vigilant for the smallest opportunity to make a genuine change in established, outgrown responses” – Audre Lorde  The term “litigation” can conjure up thoughts of fierce battles in the courtroom, and celebrations or protests on the steps of court buildings. However, these images are only […]

Case study: building our organisational culture 

“To do things differently, we also have to be a different kind of organisation. How can we build an organisation that lives its values of anti-oppression, justice, and intersectionality not only in how it approaches working with the communities it seeks to serve, but also in the way it works internally, in its systems, processes, […]

Reframing climate justice: Europe’s climate movement stands at a crossroads  

Reframing Climate Justice Speaker Series

Driven by white, middle-class archetypes of what it means to be the “right” kind of activist, the mainstream climate movement has prioritised fast, visible, solutions-based action as the ultimate weapon against the unfolding climate crisis. Yet, this approach is dangerously close to replicating the harms caused by the very systems of domination responsible for this […]