Addressing systemic injustices across the digital and non-digital context

Red heart made out of binary digits. Photo: Alexander Sinn

At Systemic Justice, we are working to support the fight for systemic change on racial, social, and economic justice. In all issues we take on, we are taking an intersectional approach and address challenges across the digital and non-digital context.   Even though the understanding that the negative impacts of technology disproportionately affect marginalised people is […]

The climate crisis is an injustice of colonialism and capitalism

Graphic recording from our roundtable on climate justice. Graphic Recording by Sonaksha

Tatu Hey is part of the Black Earth Kollektiv. An intersectional environmental and climate justice collective founded by BIPoC in Berlin. Tatu participated in Systemic Justice’s roundtable on Climate Justice. “We cannot discuss climate justice without talking about colonialism and capitalism.”  This is a statement I made at the Systemic Justice Roundtable on the topic of […]